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Buying Double Glazing? Save £'s

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I've spent some time in the Double Glazing industry recently. I learned a lot about the build process and the technology designed into an 'A' Grade window, and the differences in Build quality as well as materials.


The biggest thing I've learned is that the massive differences in prices are not allowing people to make properly informed purchases. Some people will pay £200 for the same window that a neighbour paid £500 for!
So how do you make sure you get a fair deal from a Double Glazing salesman or company. "Have you had any other quotes Mrs Brown?" That's where they all start, and they can always beat your last quote so how do you negotiate the best price for the Window you want.
New Double Glazed window imageAfter all, what you want is a good Window right?

The Choices

Did you know that there are 1,700 Double Glazing companies in the UK but only a Handful of quality window manufacturers? So, who made your window? That is not a difficult question to answer as there are only a handful of main stream manufacturers and several hundred small manufacturers using materials supplied by the 'handful'.

So why such a variation on pricing?

It's all down to the seals, the spacer bars, the frame configuration and the type of glass.

To find out more talk to me first. Let me in on the negotiation and for a fee I will save you hundreds on a complete house refit, it may even be in excess of £2000 but I will certainly save you more than £50 and that's money you would have given to the Salesman! They'll hate me for helping you!

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