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A Handyman and Home Improvements Service.
A Decorating Service.

DHI (Donnelly Home Improvements) Is a business operated by Phillip Donnelly in South East Devon. I have over 30 years experience in the Home Improvements Industry.

A Handyman Service


It's tough being a Handyman! Really, it is. You have to know something about everything, everything you do has to be done in a professional way, your pride as a trades person in your work IS important so there is always an effort to be as good as the guy who calls himself a professional in one trade alone. But not only that you have to know so much more and be capable of delivering it. This means, to be a competent Handyman you have to be talented and intelligent.UP

Painting and Decorating Service


We have performed a number of decorating jobs since opening for Business in September of this year. But though DHI is a new business the experience we have is gained during a period of 20 years or more of decorating and home improvements. You can be sure that we aim to deliver the same quality service what ever your requirements are. More....UP

I take a lot of pride in my work so expect the best from me.

Plastering Service


I tend not to offer plastering as part of my trade services because it is a highly specialist skills and a demanding one. I do have to have a Certificate for Plastering obtained on one week plastering course just to prove I have the skill and I worked alongside my very own Plasterer, Tim, until he left for France.
I have rebuilt internal walls and used my plastering skills for that and skim coating all walls in my own house as well as for friends and family. Professionaly I DO use these skills for the purpose of repairing damaged plaster. Repairing damaged plaster is more difficult than one might imagine, and it's a SKILL without doubt.
So not only do I provide a decorating service I also provide a plaster repair service. UP

TV, AV and IT Installation Services.


Phil Donnelly can also manage your home Network and Audio Visual requirements from delivery, installation and set-up. WiFi included. Because I have a background in Information Technology including web development, networking and computer support I also provide services for those requiring special services in relation to Audio Visual systems including TV installations and web based camera systems. I am also a PAT (Portable Appliance Testing for Electrical Safety in the Home and Work environment) Qualified Engineer IEE 2377 and C&G Certified.
TV and Networked Equipment installed the right way     More....UP

uPVC Product Service and Sales.

uPVC Products

What a nightmare purchase this can be! It shouldn't be but many know how difficult it can be to get the right results.
How do you choose the best quality or at least the quality of window that also relates to the price you pay?
As for pricing, well, your neighbour could pay £1000 less for his uPVC windows than you and buy a more efficient window. When I talk about windows I don't mean just the glass. There is simple but efficient techology in a window, technology you can't see and if you can't see it, how do you know it's there! Glass, there really is a difference that can cost you even more money in the long term without changing your windows. Would you like float or rolled glass in those uPVC Windows? And how thick is that glass? How thick are the spacer bars? What are they made off? Is there gas or dry air in those window panels? How many cores in the frame? How thick is the uPVC? What is that uPVC actually made from, see, you thought uPVC was simply the same throughout. And what will actually make sure that uPVC stays white? Should you paint it? Really, some companies offer you cheap windows, companies like your favourite DIY chain store, and then offer you PAINT!.


When it comes to doors, well, you need to get to the core and not get bogged down in the visual. Look at the locking mechanism, the plastic panels actually don't need to be very thick, what does matter is the piece of material that fills the space.

If you're looking to renew all the widows and doors in your property then through my experience in the uPVC industry I can help with obtaining the best prices and save you hundreds of pounds. I do charge but I do know the tricks of the trade and you will recover my cost easily. uPVC window design can really matter here.

Did I mention "Buy one get one free" or "50% Off" or "Our LIST PRICES are unrealistic".


And Finally! Why not listen to some music on the Radio!


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