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DHI (Donnelly Home Improvements) Is a business operated by Phillip Donnelly in South East Devon. I have over 20 years experience in the Home Improvements Industry. Cross training fom a job in IT to the Home Improvement Industry in 2002 after a period of time honing my skills with my own properties.

I spent some time in Sales and the Double Glazing Industry along the way. If you're going to offer a service, you need to be good with customer service and sales.

Back 30 years to 1985. Besides already having a long list of talents from repairing and maintaining my own cars and motor cycles. I also had a very educational Aunt and Uncle who taught me a tremendous amount in relation to Gardening. By 1990 I had put this knowledge to good use by Landscaping my own sizeable garden. Laying foundations for 8" deep brick wall with fencing and a sizeable retaining wall between the garden and the parking area. Picture this. A 1 meter deep trench, me and a rake, plus a Bulk Load Cement Mixer poring concrete footings in a 40 meter long trench.
Shortly followed by a neighbour and myself leveling off a load of concrete pored for a double garage floor.
I employed the Bricklayers, Carpenters, Roofer and Garage Door installer to complete most of the work for me. But I didn't just employ them, I worked along side them. My Garage door came stright from the manufacturers factory in SW London at a 3rd of market price.

The house also went through a lot of transition as it was slowly extended and improved.
Plastering was carried out in 3 rooms in the house by a professional who later became a friend. That friend gave me my first lesson in plastering. I followed that with a one week course and then proceeded to complete my own jobs.

Plumbing. The same process here. Two new boilers went in and effectively 2 central heating systems were installed. Now I was a pro at soldered joint plumbing and later polypipe plumbing too. I did consider becoming a plumber but I still wanted something different.

Following redundancy in 2001 I chose a career in property maintenance and renovations, I didn't want anymore redudancies, unfortunatly they were replaced with recessions. I completed many significant jobs for people over an 8 year period until the recession of 2008/9. I then had to restart the business following the recession. I started work again in 2010 but with less ambitious targets. Following a move to Devon and the idea that I might retire I eventually started DHIDevon following a short period in jobs that I though would be rewarding and less physically demanding. That wasn't the case and job satisfaction was short in both cases.
2016 saw me start DHIDevon as a full time source of work and income.

DHIDevon is Phillip Donnelly.

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